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A collection of mainstream and obscure, lyrical yet powerful pieces for solo piano written by one of the most revered composers of the Romantic Era. An excerpt from the album notes written by Daniel Felsenfeld reads... "The fact that Chopin excelled at a form called “Impromptu”, and the fact that it was Chopin’s skill as an improviser which so entranced Georges Sand and consequently posterity is something of a game of opposites. No, the music you hear, the disc you hold, is full of dedicated and serious compositions so flawlessly rendered that they seem inevitable—in other words, like any virtuoso, Chopin, now and for eternity, makes it look easy."

Album Listing

  1. Hexaméron, S.392: Variation No.6

  2. Nocturne, Op.27, No.1 in C-Sharp Minor

  3. Prélude, Op. 28, No.15 in D-Flat Major

  4. Trois Nouvelles Etudes: No.1 in F Minor

  5. Étude Op.10, No.9 in F Minor

  6. Tarantelle, Op.43 in A-Flat

  7. Étude Op.25, No.1 in A-Flat Major ("Aeolian Harp")

    Écossaises, Op.72 No. 3

  8. I. Écossaises in D Major (Vivace)

  9. II. Écossaises in G Major

  10. III. Écossaises in D-Flat Major

  11. Berceuse Op.57

  12. Nocturne Op.32, No.1 in B Major

    Variations sur un air national allemande in E major, B.14

  13. Introduzione - Andantino

  14. Theme - Andantino

  15. Variation I - Elegamente

  16. Variation II - Scherzando

  17. Variation III - Tranquillamente

  18. Variation IV - Meno mosso / Tempo di Valse

  19. Nocturne, Op.72 No.1 in E Minor

  20. Andante Spianato, OP. 22 in E-Flat Major

  21. 6 Chants Polonais, S.480 ("Frühling")

  22. Nocturne Op.9, No.2 in E-Flat Major


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Hexaméron, S.392: Variation No.6


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