Solo Recording


Marse's solo debut album features a collection of piano works by the quintessential French composer Claude Debussy. This collection of Debussy pieces was assembled in celebration of his 150th birthday. Marse reflects... "compiling, preparing, and performing this collection has inspired and perpetuated a process of reflection - both personally and musically. Within this album’s relatively accessible repertoire are a multitude of musical colors and pianistic techniques often labeled as impressionist, and at times neo-classicist. It was in the fourth grade upon detailed study of the second Arabesque with my teacher Betty Mallard that Debussy’s world was first fully revealed. Many of the pieces on this disc are found in that first Debussy book I received from her for Christmas that year. Little did I know this score would travel around the world- accompanying me through graduate school recitals, master classes, my own university studio. It still remains as a permanent fixture within my repertoire".

Album Listing

  1. Reflets dans l’eau

    Children’s Corner

  2. i  Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum

  3. ii Jimbo’s Lullaby

  4. iii Serenade for the Doll

  5. iv The Snow is Dancing

  6. v The Little Shepherd

  7. vi Golliwogg’s Cakewalk

  8. L’isle joyeuse

  9. Danse Bohemienne

  10. Reverie

    Deux Arabesques

  11. i Andantino con moto

  12. ii Allegretto scherzando

  13. Jardins sous la pluie (from Estampes)

  14. Ballade  


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Reflets dans l’eau


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